Bandleader and HOHNER endorser Steven Troch sings like he means it and blows a powerful but relaxed swinging harmonica. Steven writes great original and intelligent songs with witty lyrics. 


Matt T Mahony his guitarplaying starts at the blues but he might slip in some silky smooth jazz or daring electrifying rock. Matt shifts effortlessly between rhythm and lead parts doing his blues thing with authority.

Lizz Sprangers

Miss Sprangers is just one of the best bassists you will ever hear. When Lizz and her four string machine lay down a "Big Bottom" bass it grinds and grooves like a steam rolling locomotive. 

"KING BERIK" heirman 

King Berik is a member of the "Royal Order of  Strummers".  Erik has a strong swing pulse, an easy rolling shuffle and a badass backbeat always adapting to whatever the music needs. King Berik is the backbone of Steven TrochBand.  

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