Steven Troch

Bandleader and HOHNER endorser Steven Troch sings like he means it and blows a powerful but relaxed swinging harmonica. Steven writes great original and intelligent songs with witty lyrics. 

 Matt T Mahony

Matt T Mahony his guitarplaying starts at the blues but he might slip in some silky smooth jazz or daring electrifying rock. Matt shifts effortlessly between rhythm and lead parts doing his blues thing with authority.

Lizz Sprangers

Liesbeth Sprangers is just one of the best bassists you will ever hear. When Lizz and her four string machine lay down a "Big Bottom" bass it grinds and grooves like a steam rolling locomotive. 

Bernd Coene 

Bernd Coene loves to groove and brews up a wide  variety of rock-solid rhythms like no other. A very exciting drummer with a distinctive feel who's musicality and enthusiasm knows no limits. 

What Do Critics Say?

Steven Troch is one of the best European bluesharpers and plays his blues with an open mind. This ambitious musician  and talented composer & songwriter convinces with his clever songs.  BLUES NEWS FINLAND (F)
Steven Troch Band is full of little surprises and unexpected turns. Thank you for a great musical journey!!!   BLUESNEWS (Norway)   

Imaginative and quirky lyrics along with musical variations. Fertile minds are at work here and I love it!  BLUESBLAST MAGAZINE (USA)  

Le gusse, Steven Troch s’avère un instrumentiste de premier ordre (diatonique ou chromatique), il est surtout un auteur-compositeur désopilant, ayant manifestement tout compris de l’esprit (comme de la lettre) de cette musique.  PARIS MOVE (FR)

Troch zijn harmonicaspel staat garant voor kwaliteit maar de jaren ervaring zijn duidelijk hoorbaar. Zijn goed geoliede band bewandelt een breed palet aan traditionele paden en het blijft altijd boeien.   BACK TO THE ROOTS (B) 

The band finds inspiration in all sorts of musical realms, and seems to take delight in combining styles and ideas. The results are a delight for us.  MICHAEL DOHERTY'S MUSIC LOG (USA)

What Do Other Harpplayers Say?

AKI KUMAR : "I know good bluesharp when I hear it, and I have nothing but praise for Steven Troch and his band." 

MARK HUMMEL : "He’s  got  the  VIBE!! Normally  It  takes years to get that but Troch seems to have been born with that original inner voice."

RICK ESTRIN : “I really dig the fact that Troch appreciates the value of occasional "ugly" in the right spot.”

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